Member Services

Escape Artist Studios offers members the opportunity to develop their photography skills as both an individual and as part of a community. We have invested in over £2500 worth of training materials covering every aspect of photography including how to develop and run a commercial business.

As a member of the EA Studio Community you have full access to full range of educational tools and learning mateial to help you establish you as a serious photographer, whether as an amateur or as a professional.  For example:

Your very own member profile with the ability to add news, views, photographs and videos to help you promote your latest work, projects or art

Link your very best photographs directly from your Flickr or Google Photos accounts to display and sell your work

Enjoy the ability to meet with other members, outside of club nights, to plan and implement group projects or just to enjoy a coffee and a chat

Every member has the opportunity to display up to 16 top quality images on their account (the actual number is dependent on membership profile) as a means to help them establish credibility plus of course, anything newsworthy can be added to our news / information sections. How much or how little we promote your work is your decision.

About EA Studios

Escape Artist Studios is designed specifically to provide low cost studio, gallery and meeting room space (both online and physical) to support the needs, ambitions and goals of local photographers, whether professional, commercial or amateur.

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Copyright Material

I know, this stuff is great and you want it. Who wouldn't. The problem is that the material on this website, and this includes video's, content and photos, is copyright of their respective owners. But all is not lost. If you wish to buy any of our superb prints, all you need do is to visit our Shop and make a selection from the huge range of high quality images our members provide. Our easy to use purchasing system is fully secure and we will deliver your prints straight to your door in just a few days. It's quick, easy, and inexpensive to buy from us.