As a new member of EA Studios and Pixtures, we want to explain how we manage member images. It's worth bearing in mind that while our websites host images, the copyright and ownership of images lies with the owner, not with EAS or Pixtures. You are free to add / remove images at any time. Please also bear in mind that if you choose to market images for sale, you need to protect the original, full size, full quality image as this is the image that will be printed and supplied. I'll explain how to do this later in this email.
To start, if you can supply a profile image 600 x 600 then we are able to create a membership profile page for you. Secondly, and again associated with your profile page, we can add up to 20 of your favourite images. We resize these from the originals so you just need to supply full size, Hi-Res images. Wetransfer is ideal for this. If you are concerned about these images being downloaded from the website, bare in mind that we
  1. Reduce all images on the site to just 96 dpi and no more than 1080px high so printing resolution is poor
  2. Have added "no right click" to the site scripts to deter image theft.
With regards members galleries on Pixtures, these can just be gallery images or made available for sale. Your choice. Irrespective of this, here's what we need from you to add your photos.
All images used in members galleries are taken from Flickr. Flickr is a free image resource for storing and sharing images. A free subscription provides you with 1000GB of storage. You can post images to Flickr as public or private. However, in order to share images, for example with Pixtures, you need to make these images public. You also need to add these to specific albums. For example, if you want to share photos associated with your sailing activities, then create an album called Sailing 2018 say, and add the relevant photos to this gallery. If you opt to share these photos with Pixtures, we will pull them from that album. Any photos you later add or delete to that album, will also then be added or deleted from Pixtures. Everything stays in synch if we adopt this process.
Managing files is crucial to this system working well. The approach we recommend is that on your hard drive or cloud service, you need to save the original files at full size, together with a sub-directory in which you store the smaller 1080px files which you will upload to Flickr. This works well and ensures that, if you are selling prints, you always have access to the original full size, full quality images. The attached image shows a typical directory structure for this purpose. We store our images both in the cloud and on hard drives and maintain this directory structure on both. Of course, this is only a suggestion. If you have an alternative method that works for you, that's fine.
In order to protect your images, we suggest using the same process as we use on our websites, eg shared images added to your Flickr albums should be no more than 96dpi and 1080px high. These look good on screen but are poor quality for printing. We do not suggest watermarking images. These are generally unsightly and don't do much to protect your images. Copyright always remains with you.
If you have a Flickr account you are ready to go. If not, create one today at

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